Course Syllabus and information:

Chemistry 101 is the second course in the three course sequence for general chemistry.  It is intended for students who need an understanding of basic chemical principles and their applications.  Some topics in Chemistry 101 are the same as the topics in Chemistry 60/68 but are covered in more depth for a greater understanding.  This course is a pre-requisite for Chemistry 102 which finished the general chemistry sequence.


The syllabus for my Chemistry 101 courses (section numbers: 18628, 18640) can be found here.


The following items are now available on this site:


Laboratory Manual



Math for Chemists book 

Data Tables

Problem Sets                       

Chemistry Fonts (needed to properly read some of the files) (right click and save to your local computer and then install)

Chemistry Sans Serif

Chemistry Serif


Chemical Software

Extras (Makes sense when read after we've finished Liquids and Solids)